I’m Carlos Sumlin / Dollasaint1. I Help people to find purpose off the pain

I’m a Brand owner Vision owner and  Company owner and Faith n Success Dreams life Coach. Never been taught before and the Frist to do it. I have a unique perspective on Faith N Success Dreams. I have accomplished Some of my dreams as of this moment in time off the pain! God inspired me to tell the World about Dreams of A King!!! God Gave me this Vision 8 1/2 years ago when i was at one of my lowest points. He gave me Faith N Success Dreams. Now it is a reality of Vision of beating odds and Vision over pain. Let’s inspire the world together. Remember Dreams come true by working For others and putting them in it!!!

Vision Over Pain
God inspired me to tell the World about Vision,Purpose and Dreams!

Topics I Discuss



I will condition Your Mind to influence Your lifestyle though Encouragement



Proverbs 29v18 where there is no Vision the people Perish,happy is he that keep the Law i write down this Vision years ago i can connect you back to Your Vision and help you fine your purpose!



Having a plan when faceng Difficult times over all Vision Aim Finding view points on Finding Your way in life on better Decision making in hardships



I have talk to thousands of people i have the ability to influence your day and help you find your organization pattern again


Self Improvement

Self improvement-Help find your Value and show you how to learn though the pain= self improvement



Rebuilding off of pain remodeling your imagination that will fit your tone of purpose



Help you Find boldness and courage in your Purpose that is your Firm trust


Life Skills

Help you Find your strongest life skills so you can utilize them to build a better Tommorow